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    Pages with Ins on the left have keyboard features. F9 will turn Mouse over on and off. A & B on the keyboard will change the window for mouse over giving you two browser windows to use. You will need to click first if you mouse left the window. Also F2 will allow you to pick links by typing in a number but only one window for this feature. (Must Sign up as a Member(It's Free) to have C& D for upto 4 browser windows). MO on the left is mouseover. It is fixed so you can see the status. These features are only for desktop only. No mobile version. This is just a temporary test. Note:Sometimes a new window will open on mouse over. This window will be the new default window for the window you were using. You can also drag links from one browser to another on any web site on chrome, ie11, and firefox :not Edge.
    MO is Mouse Over in a new window. NW is open in a new window.    (F9,▼ Toggles Mouseover)(Click first if just dragged)&&F2-Number-Enter(Alt/Tab-two windows)
    a&b on keyboard will change window Mouseover(may need click first)(c&d-Logged in)(not F2)
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