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      Web buying Bots
    Book Stores
    Walter's Shopping Mall on the Net
      Government Buying Sites Software Airline Tickets  

    5 minute Shopping, Software, and Book Page

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    This is a list of all the stores and their discounts.   I hope you get a good buy.

    Free and Cheap software Sites    

    Ebay Tucows Down load Com
    CompletelyFreeSoftware Smart Computing Thefreesite
    zdnet(more free software) WinFiles.com(more free software) DMOZ.org(The Web Organized)
    Wikipedia.org(Almost Everything) Jumbo (freeware and shareware) ereferencedesk
    Crucial.com (Memory for PC's) Readers Digest Computer World
    RocketDownload.com Belarc Adviosr (Tells All about your computer) OldVersion(Software)
    Retrevo NotebookReviewReferencedesk.org Shopping Com
    ReviewGist Notebook Check Big Dadday(Cheap Software)
    Test Freaks TestRanking(Notebook Computer Ratings)  TabletPCReview
    PC MAG Datek(stocks)  Edgar Online
    Hoovers Online Zones  Maximum PC
    PCWORLD WinDrivers.org Universal Serial Bus

    KickStarter( Fundraser for Projects) Egghead.com Buy.com
    News Google BottomDollar   LifeHacker.com
    Store Runner Bicycle Blue Book(Prices) Get Power Desk free here
    (Help for Computer Problems)
    Rocket Download Shareware Junkies.com
    The Software Labs Outpost.com Shareware.com
    Pass The Shareware 99U (Neat Ideas) Language Software

    Web buying Bots for the lowest price.    

    mySimon ***Deal Catcher*** DealTime
    Roboshopper Finders Cheapers NexTag.com
    Bizrate.com Price Grabber Cnet
    Deals List PriceWatch  

    Book Stores    

    Used Books Bookfinder (rare books) Bibliofind (rare books)
    Barnes and Noble Books A Million Amazon Abebooks
    Powells Half.com Alibris.com Danielle Steel
    All Discount Books SFFNET Booklist All Book Stores.com
    Internet Bookshop
    You may write your own book at these sites.
    Create Space.com Authorsolutions
    Online Books
    Get Abstract
    Scribd (Online Books)
    AbeBooks above will allow the checking of (OCLC WorldCat Library Locator) This is all Libraries in the US.
    (Pick local Library after a failed attempt)

    Search Engine Bots for Shopping.

    Airline Tickets   
    Travelocity(Tickets for all Transportation) Cheap Tickets PriceLine.com
    Expedia.com Hotwire.com Delta.com
    Trivago(Hotels) ResortFeeChecker.com(Check extra Fees when traveling) Skyscanner.com
    U.S. Airways  http://www.midwestexpress.com/ American Airlines
    Skipppagged.com(World's Cheapest Flight Information)HotelBookers
    Amtrack.com (Take a train!)
    Get a lower price on a room at one of these places: : Hotel Discounts  Priceline.com  
    Trivago(Hotel Prices
    Avis Car Rental BestWesten Hotel
    AT&T Sprint Worldcom DStreet - Cheap Long Distance Verizon Touch1

    Walter's Shopping Mall on the Net    

    Costco Opens August 10, 2016
    in Columbia SC. at 507 Piney Grove Rd
    Columbia, SC 29210-3405
    (803) 875-7130

    NW(ON)  NW(OFF)
    Inflation Calculator
    EyebuyDirect(Buy Glasses online)Use(IFBABIPFDK) at checkout for 15% off. Not sure how long this is good.
    Complaints.com(Check here before you give your money away)
    The GardenWeb(Posting for washing machines)
    Appliance Advisor
    Cheap Wireless Camera X10(Monitor Anything)
    Review Finder

    Prescription Drug prices

    GoodRX.com ( Find the lowest Prescription Drug prices) WellRX.comRXSaver

    Camera Discount Stores   

    Best Buy BH Photo Ritz Camera Camera World Adorama KeH.com
    Porters.com Fumfie.com Butterflyphoto Focus Camera.com Rakuten.com Amazon
    42nd Street Photo   Abes Of Maine  
    Gadget Circuit

    Grocery's Walmart
    Trader Joe'sWholeFoodsHarristeeter.com

    USPS.COM ( United States Postal Service)
    Fedex (Mail)
    DP Review - Check out Digital Cameras Pictures here
    Spanish camera Reviews and more _ This site is in Spanish
    Digital Camera - Most Top Review Sites
    Dxomark.com (This will tell you the real quality of your phots)
    Digital Photos
    The best Video - Pictures on the Net
    You Tube Flickr (Look up photos) Imgur.com
    Ken Rockwell
    Camera Reviews
    Blog Minqhein
    Reseller Ratings
    Lens Authority
    Dpreview(Camera Reviews)

    Government buying Sites

    Wild Horses and burros CD's,manuals,historical cocuments, budgets Defense Reutilizations and Marketing
    Auctions,Computer Equipment, Jewelry Auctions of Property taken in Seizures (Real Estate,Boats,Electronics Auctionarms.com
    Guns America.com Gun Broker  
    Themedicineprogram.com(Free Medicine for People in Need)
    Barn Yard Flea Markets

    Rosewood market in Columbia, S.C. is my favorite Natural food and Deli store.

    WayBackMachine WaitbuyWhy MentalFloss
    Supercook Imgur.com StreetView(Maps)
    TheOnion Wikipedia.org ApartmentTherapy

    OVER 1000 free song down loads!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bibliofind- A data base of used books and a listing service for rare used books that will notify you when they become available
    Another rare book Store. This one IS worth looking at
    TechSupport(Tech Support on the Net)
    For a internet web page hosting cite. Check this out
    For the best internet web page hosting cites. Check this out

    (List.com)All ISP'S, WEB Servers and More
    Compare Host.com(Help for getting a Web Server)
    Host index
    Host search
    Lariat.org    This site tells how to set up ISP,Cable, and T1's Cheap.
    NetWork solutions(GET a Domain Name Here)
    Internic(Pick who to get a Domain Name from Here)
    APlUS (Get a domain Name here)
    WebReference.com(Help on building Web Sites(Dmitry Kiranov of St.Petersburg Russia. A must

    Ipnewsflash These girls (Sharon Lee and Dee Dee Gordon) have a fashion site to look at.
    For airline tickets
    SiteCash.com(Affiliate Program)
    Jason Kelly(This guy wrote a book on the internet)

    Check Internet Speed
    Dotster( Register Domain Name)
    Nicgrab.com(Domain Name Registration)
    Easyspace.com(Domain Name Registration)
    Internic Whois Database
    Hotwire(Web Services for your use
    SCORE( Free advice for small business

    Increase Internet Speed on Cable and others in Windows
    US Inflation Rates
    Index Funds Returns US(1970-Now)
    Life Expectancy of Different Countries
    Wikipedia Life expectancy
    World Fact Book Life Expectancy
    Geoba(2017) Life Expectancy

    AAA Union Tree Service 864-426-6701 - 803-240-7450 - 803-336-0895
    ( World's Best Tree Service in South Carolina)
    (Women owned)
    Brenda Keith

    Distrowatch( For whats best in Linux DIstros)
    South Carolina voting information (See Ballot before the election)

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