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       Casey Neistat- (World's Best You Tuber)- A Cool Guy.
    Donald Trump working as a waiter in his hotel( This was made before he announced he was running for president)
    Steve Jobs
    Steve Wozniak
    North Korea
    Aretha Franklin
    John Bergman
    Hurricane Florence
    Hurricane Florence Live
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)(aluminum,steel,ceramic)
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)
    PinkCloud Prince
    Ed Pratt Adventures of unicycling around the World

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    U.S. negotiations with North Korea moving 'in a way that we want,' Sen. Risch says
    2 Minutes Count 605 Date 01/15/19
    Like Count:11

    That Moment I Escaped North Korea
    5 Minutes 13 Seconds Count 40224 Date 01/11/19
    Like Count:1516

    North Korea's Kim Jong-un takes train to China - BBC News
    53 Seconds Count 57458 Date 01/08/19
    Like Count:531

    I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion
    2 Minutes 34 Seconds Count 2980268 Date 06/12/18
    Like Count:152105

    Reading Kim's Speech: What to Expect from North Korea in 2019
    3 Minutes 4 Seconds Count 59095 Date 01/02/19
    Like Count:759

    North Korea marks seventh anniversary of death of former leader Kim Jong-il
    46 Seconds Count 26694 Date 12/17/18
    Like Count:100

    The growing North Korean nuclear threat, explained [Updated]
    6 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 1413353 Date 07/06/17
    Like Count:24885

    North Korea's Kim Jong-un warns US in New Year's address | DW News
    3 Minutes 42 Seconds Count 30228 Date 01/01/19
    Like Count:282

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un makes surprise visit to China | DW News
    2 Minutes 40 Seconds Count 10576 Date 01/08/19
    Like Count:104

    New Year's 2019: North Korea's FULL celebration in Pyongyang
    10 Minutes 56 Seconds Count 45360 Date 12/31/18
    Like Count:494

    North Korea expands key missile base
    6 Minutes 53 Seconds Count 50712 Date 12/05/18
    Like Count:391

    North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade
    2 Minutes 44 Seconds Count 140693 Date 09/09/18
    Like Count:1343

    South Korea: North Korea could have 20-60 nukes
    3 Minutes 48 Seconds Count 58063 Date 10/02/18
    Like Count:489

    Another North Korean soldier escapes to South Korea
    3 Minutes 52 Seconds Count 2815733 Date 12/22/17
    Like Count:17494

    Why North Korea Agreed To Meet With Trump
    4 Minutes 24 Seconds Count 767095 Date 03/29/18
    Like Count:6300

    North Korean envoy to Italy goes missing
    2 Minutes 43 Seconds Count 75316 Date 01/03/19
    Like Count:814

    The countries within reach of North Korea's missiles | Did You Know?
    5 Minutes 30 Seconds Count 49696 Date 05/24/18
    Like Count:377

    North Korea's Kim Jong-Un makes surprise visit to China
    3 Minutes 11 Seconds Count 8378 Date 01/08/19
    Like Count:74

    North Korea state TV reports on Trump Kim summit - BBC News
    52 Seconds Count 276988 Date 06/11/18
    Like Count:1430

    North Korea: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
    27 Minutes Count 13073140 Date 08/14/17
    Like Count:166827

    How the Kim Dynasty Took Over North Korea | History
    5 Minutes 43 Seconds Count 780952 Date 04/27/18
    Like Count:12612

    North Korea's Slow Motion Military - North Korea parade in Slow Motion
    3 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 7031119 Date 10/12/10
    Like Count:12925

    Conan Stars In North Korea’s First Late Night Talk Show
    5 Minutes 45 Seconds Count 5604354 Date 04/09/16
    Like Count:88059

    How North Korea Is Using Smartphones as Weapons of Mass Surveillance
    5 Minutes 29 Seconds Count 108075 Date 12/06/17
    Like Count:1313

    Pyongyang calling: we spent a week in North Korea
    13 Minutes 15 Seconds Count 333096 Date 11/24/18
    Like Count:3782

    See How One North Korean Soldier Escaped To South Korea | TODAY
    5 Minutes 47 Seconds Count 1243993 Date 02/14/18
    Like Count:10248

    Exclusive Interview With North Korea Defector: 'You Clap To Stay Alive'
    3 Minutes 59 Seconds Count 177241 Date 10/16/15
    Like Count:1514

    U.S.-North Korea Summit In Singapore | NBC News
    38 Minutes 9 Seconds Count 126024 Date 06/12/18
    Like Count:616

    Canada hosted secret talks with North Korea on de-nuclearization
    8 Minutes 47 Seconds Count 15465 Date 01/08/19
    Like Count:133

    A soldier escapes from North Korean to South Korea
    2 Minutes Count 488051 Date 11/22/17
    Like Count:4072

    What Happens To North Korean Defectors After They Escape
    5 Minutes 56 Seconds Count 150230 Date 08/05/18
    Like Count:3331

    North Korea's propaganda machine
    3 Minutes 27 Seconds Count 199235 Date 04/05/13
    Like Count:677

    Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News
    7 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 116897 Date 03/29/18
    Like Count:2822

    North Korea's nuclear threat in 2018 | The Economist
    7 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 190393 Date 12/06/17
    Like Count:1587

    North Korea Confirms Kim Jong Un Is Visiting China Ahead Of A Possible Second Trump Summit | TIME
    36 Seconds Count 3422 Date 01/08/19
    Like Count:32

    Meet North Korea's Winter Olympics cheerleading squad
    1 Minutes 13 Seconds Count 318780 Date 02/12/18
    Like Count:354

    North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT
    1 Minutes 31 Seconds Count 790461 Date 02/09/18
    Like Count:2996

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Calls President Donald Trump ‘Mentally Deranged US Dotard’ | TODAY
    3 Minutes 3 Seconds Count 3118944 Date 09/22/17
    Like Count:11497

    Inside a North Korean home
    1 Minutes 44 Seconds Count 604404 Date 04/28/17
    Like Count:1522

    Why does North Korea hate the U.S.? Look to the Korean War.
    3 Minutes 12 Seconds Count 380893 Date 05/29/17
    Like Count:2842

    North Korean defectors beaten, killed
    3 Minutes 59 Seconds Count 852329 Date 04/08/13
    Like Count:1847

    From North Korea, With Dread
    26 Minutes 23 Seconds Count 591535 Date 11/28/17
    Like Count:6920

    North Korea, South Korea agree to end war, denuclearize the peninsula
    7 Minutes 24 Seconds Count 1242270 Date 04/28/18
    Like Count:18818

    Kim Han-sol: A Future Leader of North Korea? | The New York Times
    3 Minutes 51 Seconds Count 1846149 Date 03/16/17
    Like Count:25694

    A rare look inside North Korea's Kim Il Sung University - BBC News
    3 Minutes 30 Seconds Count 886451 Date 05/06/16
    Like Count:6233

    Inside the North Korean Worker's Party Congress
    1 Minutes 32 Seconds Count 54830 Date 05/09/16
    Like Count:448

    North Korea's secret slave gangs - BBC News
    4 Minutes 46 Seconds Count 120937 Date 04/16/18
    Like Count:753

    Dean Cheng: High-Ranking Defector "A Black Eye" for North Korea
    3 Minutes 15 Seconds Count 565 Date 01/10/19
    Like Count:12

    Inside North Korea
    12 Minutes 14 Seconds Count 166210 Date 06/10/18
    Like Count:1221

    How is North Korea evading sanctions? - BBC News
    2 Minutes 43 Seconds Count 49724 Date 10/16/18
    Like Count:484

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