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       Clemson Alabama 2017
    Casey Neistat- (World's Best You Tuber)- A Cool Guy. (Now at CNN News.)
    Donald Trump working as a waiter in his hotel( This was made before he announced he was running for president)
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    North Korea
    Irma Live
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)(aluminum,steel,ceramic)
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)
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    Chipmunks Christmas Music
    New Years

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    Pence on Iran nuclear deal, North Korea, government shutdown
    2 Minutes 40 Seconds Count 2789 Date 01/23/18
    Like Count:77

    Trump will have a tough decision to make with North Korea: John Bolton
    3 Minutes 51 Seconds Count 2917 Date 01/22/18
    Like Count:47

    North Korea: Nuclear Program Is Not Up For Negotiation | NBC Nightly News
    1 Minutes 22 Seconds Count 2236 Date 01/22/18
    Like Count:12

    North Korea using Olympics as a Trojan horse?
    3 Minutes 58 Seconds Count 7506 Date 01/22/18
    Like Count:138

    North Korea delegates arrive in Seoul for pre-Olympics inspection
    2 Minutes 22 Seconds Count 9854 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:39

    🇺🇸 🇰🇵 50 years since North Korea attacked a US spy ship
    2 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 2936 Date 01/23/18
    Like Count:65

    North Korean pop icon Hyon Song-wol leads Olympics diplomatic delegation to South Korea
    1 Minutes 16 Seconds Count 16471 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:49

    Japan seeks European support over "unprecedented threat" from North Korea
    1 Minutes 11 Seconds Count 5603 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:56

    Lester Holt Reports From North Korea On Rogue Nation’s Olympic Ambitions | Sunday TODAY
    1 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 4328 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:20

    North Korea visits South ahead of Olympics
    23 Seconds Count 8000 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:118

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo on government shutdown, North Korea threat
    2 Minutes 32 Seconds Count 883 Date 01/22/18
    Like Count:13

    Inside North Korea: Lester Holt Reports From A Modern Ski Resort | NBC Nightly News
    1 Minutes 28 Seconds Count 3911 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:19

    Inside North Korea As It Prepares For The Winter Olympic Games | NBC Nightly News
    1 Minutes 17 Seconds Count 1549 Date 01/21/18
    Like Count:11

    North Korea and South Korea form a joint ice hockey team to compete in the Olympics
    1 Minutes 16 Seconds Count 13992 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:126

    Tillerson addresses North Korea threat
    8 Minutes 56 Seconds Count 5500 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:23

    Expert: 'Bloody nose' strike on North Korea will lead to war
    4 Minutes 2 Seconds Count 32449 Date 01/18/18
    Like Count:245

    Exclusive: Donald Trump says Russia helping North Korea evade sanctions
    40 Seconds Count 1598 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:7

    Smuggling Oil to North Korea on the High Seas | NYT News
    1 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 7979 Date 01/19/18
    Like Count:154

    US needs to let North Korea know it’s serious: Gen. Jack Keane
    5 Minutes 42 Seconds Count 7141 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:66

    7 Minutes 34 Seconds Count 30838 Date 01/18/18
    Like Count:1000

    America Doubts On North Korea And South Korea Ties : BBC Duniya With Vidit (BBC Hindi)
    17 Minutes 59 Seconds Count 18122 Date 01/18/18
    Like Count:

    North Korea responds to Trump's personal attack
    2 Minutes 13 Seconds Count 200888 Date 11/08/17
    Like Count:874

    Countries to discuss enforcing sanctions against North Korea
    2 Minutes 20 Seconds Count 6670 Date 01/16/18
    Like Count:69

    Trump shouldn’t negotiate with North Korea yet: Gordon Chang
    3 Minutes 46 Seconds Count 9214 Date 01/15/18
    Like Count:63

    McMaster holds secret meeting on North Korean threat
    5 Minutes 4 Seconds Count 6133 Date 01/16/18
    Like Count:112

    Trump on Hawaii's missile alarm, North Korea and the Wall Street Journal
    57 Seconds Count 30644 Date 01/14/18
    Like Count:112

    North Korea to send team to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 🇰🇵
    2 Minutes 29 Seconds Count 24805 Date 01/09/18
    Like Count:163

    International Leaders Set To Meet On North Korea Tensions | TODAY
    2 Minutes 50 Seconds Count 6312 Date 01/16/18
    Like Count:27

    Fox News confirms North Korea fires ballistic missile
    3 Minutes 23 Seconds Count 91604 Date 11/28/17
    Like Count:585

    North Korea summit: International leaders discuss diplomacy
    4 Minutes 16 Seconds Count 5216 Date 01/16/18
    Like Count:24

    North Korea's "army of beauties" will cheer on Olympic athletes
    1 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 5916 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:24

    North Korea and South Korea attend historic talks
    1 Minutes 8 Seconds Count 20671 Date 01/08/18
    Like Count:100

    Tillerson intensifies efforts to isolate North Korea
    2 Minutes 32 Seconds Count 5509 Date 01/15/18
    Like Count:68

    Conan: North Korea’s Cheering Squad Will Compete In 400-Meter Defection - CONAN on TBS
    2 Minutes 57 Seconds Count 54967 Date 01/19/18
    Like Count:987

    Escaping from North Korea in search of freedom | Yeonmi Park | One Young World
    8 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 3745339 Date 10/18/14
    Like Count:61619

    The National for January 16, 2018 - North Korea Summit, Donald Trump, Minimum Wage
    47 Minutes 23 Seconds Count 13536 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:58

    The growing North Korean nuclear threat, explained [Updated]
    6 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 1202205 Date 07/06/17
    Like Count:22679

    North Korea's announcement - BBC News
    15 Seconds Count 209066 Date 09/03/17
    Like Count:489

    Gen. Keane: Must be skeptical of North Korea negotiations
    5 Minutes 54 Seconds Count 14529 Date 01/13/18
    Like Count:110

    🇰🇵 🇰🇷 'Diplomatic breakthrough' in North-South Korea talks
    2 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 17831 Date 01/09/18
    Like Count:225

    North Korea's New Strategy: Pop-Star Diplomacy
    1 Minutes 58 Seconds Count 18199 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:112

    Tillerson warns of military action against North Korea
    5 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 12434 Date 01/17/18
    Like Count:118

    Michael Waltz on personal preparedness, North Korea threat
    3 Minutes 36 Seconds Count 6557 Date 01/14/18
    Like Count:84

    North Korea's Failed Launch: VICE News Tonight (HBO)
    5 Minutes 43 Seconds Count 411134 Date 04/24/17
    Like Count:3192

    China, Russia not invited to summit on North Korea in Canada
    1 Minutes 58 Seconds Count 26057 Date 01/16/18
    Like Count:175

    North Korea celebrates launch of powerful missile
    2 Minutes 13 Seconds Count 22761 Date 12/03/17
    Like Count:288

    Kim Jong Un: Entire U.S. Is Within Range Of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons | NBC Nightly News
    1 Minutes 31 Seconds Count 37093 Date 01/01/18
    Like Count:172

    North Korea fires missile over Japan in 'unprecedented threat'- BBC News
    10 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 1301907 Date 08/29/17
    Like Count:7898

    North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Calls President Donald Trump ‘Mentally Deranged US Dotard’ | TODAY
    3 Minutes 3 Seconds Count 2157730 Date 09/22/17
    Like Count:7824

    North Korea's cinema of dreams 🇰🇵 | 101 East
    25 Minutes 23 Seconds Count 287570 Date 02/18/11
    Like Count:917

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