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       Casey Neistat- (World's Best You Tuber)- A Cool Guy.
    Donald Trump working as a waiter in his hotel( This was made before he announced he was running for president)
    Steve Jobs
    Steve Wozniak
    North Korea
    Aretha Franklin
    John Bergman
    Hurricane Florence
    Hurricane Florence Live
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)(aluminum,steel,ceramic)
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)
    PinkCloud Prince
    Ed Pratt Adventures of unicycling around the World
    State of the Union Speech

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    North Korea sent US $2M medical bill for Otto Warmbier: WaPo
    3 Minutes 13 Seconds Count 3600 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:373

    North Korea presented US with $2 million bill for care of Otto Warmbier
    6 Minutes 54 Seconds Count 7344 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:777

    Putin says North Korea ready to denuclearize if security guarantees are met
    1 Minutes 54 Seconds Count 3989 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:67

    North Korea’s Kim hails Russia 'friendship' at start of Putin summit
    3 Minutes 42 Seconds Count 6140 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:54

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un and Russia's Putin to meet for the first time
    3 Minutes 36 Seconds Count 30005 Date 04/23/19
    Like Count:199

    North Korea’s Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia by special train for talks with Vladimir Putin
    1 Minutes 8 Seconds Count 19439 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:272

    Pompeo on what comes next for North Korea
    3 Minutes 22 Seconds Count 3352 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:42

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un receives military welcome in Russia ahead of summit with Putin
    4 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 32986 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:249

    North Korean leader arrives in Russia for talks
    1 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 5101 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:36

    North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Arrives in Vladivostok
    55 Seconds Count 2721 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:24

    Kim Jong-un's armored train crosses North Korea-Russia border
    2 Minutes 38 Seconds Count 21711 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:50

    Kim Jong Un departs North Korea for Russia
    1 Minutes 8 Seconds Count 6396 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:46

    Kim's bodyguards rush to polish his train for North Korea-Russia meeting
    1 Minutes 12 Seconds Count 43034 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:103

    North Korea doesn't want Mike Pompeo involved in nuclear talks
    1 Minutes 39 Seconds Count 17730 Date 04/18/19
    Like Count:107

    North Korea is calling for Mike Pompeo to be replaced as negotiator
    4 Minutes 6 Seconds Count 10769 Date 04/18/19
    Like Count:107

    North Korea Using Cryptocurrency to Fund Weapons Program, Report Warns
    2 Minutes 4 Seconds Count 554 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:6

    International society must promise North Korea's regime security for it to denuclearize
    2 Minutes 29 Seconds Count 105 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:4

    Kim-Putin Summit: North Korean leader hopes meetings will be 'successful'
    1 Minutes 7 Seconds Count 1340 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:27

    North Korea tests 'tactical' weapon, report says
    8 Minutes 39 Seconds Count 75543 Date 04/17/19
    Like Count:448

    North Korea test fires new tactical guided weapon
    1 Minutes 8 Seconds Count 47485 Date 04/17/19
    Like Count:655

    North Korea's Kim Jong-un warns US in New Year's address | DW News
    3 Minutes 42 Seconds Count 48489 Date 01/01/19
    Like Count:359

    The growing North Korean nuclear threat, explained [Updated]
    6 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 1494815 Date 07/06/17
    Like Count:25955

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un Will Meet With Putin In Russia | TIME
    32 Seconds Count 6595 Date 04/23/19
    Like Count:36

    North Korea demands Pompeo’s removal from nuclear talks
    4 Minutes 23 Seconds Count 53265 Date 04/18/19
    Like Count:403

    North Korea marks 70th anniversary with massive military parade
    2 Minutes 44 Seconds Count 183748 Date 09/09/18
    Like Count:1571

    North Korea Enlisted This Lawyer For The Assassination Of Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother (HBO)
    6 Minutes 9 Seconds Count 515753 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:5313

    North Korea, South Korea agree to end war, denuclearize the peninsula
    7 Minutes 24 Seconds Count 1258415 Date 04/28/18
    Like Count:19006

    I Escaped North Korea. Here’s My Message for President Trump. | NYT - Opinion
    2 Minutes 34 Seconds Count 3591955 Date 06/12/18
    Like Count:173998

    What North Korea Can Learn From Vietnam
    3 Minutes 17 Seconds Count 99992 Date 02/26/19
    Like Count:2188

    North Korea's Slow Motion Military - North Korea parade in Slow Motion
    3 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 7920173 Date 10/12/10
    Like Count:15163

    GLOBAL NEWS: North Korea using cryptocurrency to fund weapons program
    2 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 247 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:4

    North Korea says it tested new missile, wants Pompeo out of talks
    4 Minutes 40 Seconds Count 35655 Date 04/18/19
    Like Count:515

    North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT
    1 Minutes 31 Seconds Count 835390 Date 02/09/18
    Like Count:3091

    Reading Kim's Speech: What to Expect from North Korea in 2019
    3 Minutes 4 Seconds Count 125821 Date 01/02/19
    Like Count:1137

    A rare look inside North Korea's Kim Il Sung University - BBC News
    3 Minutes 30 Seconds Count 1101867 Date 05/06/16
    Like Count:8661

    Do North Koreans Actually Make Money?
    3 Minutes 47 Seconds Count 469648 Date 06/11/18
    Like Count:5681

    Why North Korea Agreed To Meet With Trump
    4 Minutes 24 Seconds Count 775984 Date 03/29/18
    Like Count:6358

    The countries within reach of North Korea's missiles | Did You Know?
    5 Minutes 30 Seconds Count 80006 Date 05/24/18
    Like Count:606

    Putin, North Korea's Kim Hold First Face-To-Face Talks
    1 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 198 Date 04/25/19
    Like Count:4

    North Korean Defector Whose Escape Went Viral Speaks Out In U.S. TV Interview | NBC Nightly News
    1 Minutes 35 Seconds Count 206159 Date 04/15/19
    Like Count:4802

    North Korea looms large over US-Japan talks
    3 Minutes 1 Seconds Count 58 Date 04/24/19
    Like Count:4

    I Survived North Korea
    6 Minutes 21 Seconds Count 3024483 Date 05/17/18
    Like Count:110985

    North Korea test fires "new-type tactical guided weapon," state media says
    4 Minutes 11 Seconds Count 12441 Date 04/17/19
    Like Count:160

    This American scientist has seen North Korea’s nuclear program up close
    7 Minutes 46 Seconds Count 278912 Date 02/14/18
    Like Count:2234

    What made North Korea so bizarre
    2 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 2624159 Date 07/23/14
    Like Count:31386

    Kim Han-sol: A Future Leader of North Korea? | The New York Times
    3 Minutes 51 Seconds Count 1977849 Date 03/16/17
    Like Count:27745

    An Inconvenient Border: Where China Meets North Korea | ABC News
    39 Minutes 15 Seconds Count 3182969 Date 09/26/17
    Like Count:24679

    The North Korean women who had to escape twice - BBC News
    9 Minutes 58 Seconds Count 970023 Date 01/19/19
    Like Count:24276

    Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News
    7 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 202417 Date 03/29/18
    Like Count:4265

    North Korean soldiers shoot defector as he escapes
    1 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 383413 Date 11/22/17
    Like Count:685

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