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    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)(aluminum,steel,ceramic)
    Apple iwatch series 3(Dick Tracy Here we come. First Cell watch- make and receive calls.)
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    North Korea Racks Up Diplomatic Points
    3 Minutes 47 Seconds Count 3022 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:79

    'Tremendous progress': Trump on North Korea denuclearisation
    36 Seconds Count 2425 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:38

    North and South Korea summit: New pledge on nuclear weapons
    1 Minutes 41 Seconds Count 3748 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:39

    Trump praises North Korea's announcement to dismantle nuclear site
    1 Minutes 35 Seconds Count 8868 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:270

    Marie Harf: US needs to meet with North Korea directly
    1 Minutes 14 Seconds Count 6060 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:92

    US buoyed by Moon-Kim summit in North Korea
    2 Minutes 12 Seconds Count 232 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:4

    North Korea's Kim Jong Un and South's President Moon Jae-in sign agreement in Pyongyang
    2 Minutes 52 Seconds Count 1436 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:6

    Washington invites North Korea to restart talks
    3 Minutes 21 Seconds Count 1664 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:9

    North Korea agrees to dismantle key nuclear test sites
    3 Minutes 2 Seconds Count 5493 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:184

    Is new North and South Korea deal a significant step toward denuclearization?
    10 Minutes 54 Seconds Count 3574 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:53

    Why are Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in’s hugs controversial?
    1 Minutes 58 Seconds Count 10431 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:38

    North Korea agrees to dismantle nuclear site if U.S. takes steps too
    3 Minutes 41 Seconds Count 4418 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:43

    Trump reacts to new North Korea denuclearization promises
    1 Minutes 59 Seconds Count 13092 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:145

    U.S. making progress it needs with North Korea: Pompeo
    2 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 93 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:4

    'New era': North & South Korea sign military agreement to 'end the history of tragic conflict'
    3 Minutes 5 Seconds Count 29619 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:1295

    North Korea to agree to 'permanently' scrap missile sites | Squawk Box Asia
    3 Minutes 51 Seconds Count 367 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:7

    U.S. firm that North Korea's denuclearization must come before any concessions
    2 Minutes 9 Seconds Count 10 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:0

    North Korea and South Korea to meet
    3 Minutes 41 Seconds Count 15381 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:254

    Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae In Wrap Up Summit At North Korea's Sacred Volcano | TIME
    50 Seconds Count 2586 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:9

    10 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 1281 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:136

    Inside North Korea's One Star Airline
    10 Minutes 27 Seconds Count 180743 Date 09/18/18
    Like Count:2983

    Thousands in Pyongyang, North Korea greet Moon Jae-in
    1 Minutes 3 Seconds Count 17857 Date 09/18/18
    Like Count:177

    North Korea Enlisted This Lawyer For The Assassination Of Kim Jong Un’s Half Brother (HBO)
    6 Minutes 9 Seconds Count 180917 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:2498

    North-South Korea summit: "Kim Jong Un is gaining legitimacy on the world stage"
    3 Minutes 25 Seconds Count 4638 Date 09/18/18
    Like Count:42

    U.S. firm that North Korea's denuclearization must come before any concessions
    2 Minutes 5 Seconds Count 113 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:3

    North Korea rolls out red carpet treatment for President Moon
    2 Minutes 11 Seconds Count 118 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:4

    Kim Jong-un hugs Moon Jae-in for third summit
    4 Minutes 3 Seconds Count 10619 Date 09/18/18
    Like Count:141

    🇰🇵 🇰🇷 North Korea's Kim agrees to 'dismantle' key missile test sites | Al Jazeera English
    2 Minutes 37 Seconds Count 7510 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:91

    West “cannot stand aside” on human rights in North Korea
    1 Minutes 38 Seconds Count 443 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:4

    Korean Leaders Exchange Gifts
    1 Minutes 7 Seconds Count 8773 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:55

    Leaders of North Korea, South Korea hold historic meeting
    4 Minutes 47 Seconds Count 65746 Date 04/27/18
    Like Count:496

    North Korea-South Korea Summit "Not Really What We Were Hoping For" - ENN 2018-09-19
    3 Minutes 56 Seconds Count 294 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:8

    North Korea rolls out red carpet treatment for President Moon
    2 Minutes 16 Seconds Count 27 Date 09/20/18
    Like Count:2

    North Korea Asks Trump For A Second Meeting | Diplomatic Channel |
    10 Minutes Count 426 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:

    Trump Praises North Korean Parade
    1 Minutes 46 Seconds Count 82219 Date 09/11/18
    Like Count:1331

    U.S. making progress it needs with North Korea: Pompeo
    2 Minutes 21 Seconds Count 7 Date 09/21/18
    Like Count:0

    North Korea Makes MASSIVE Decision On Nukes
    6 Minutes 3 Seconds Count 76321 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:1903

    North Korea's nuclear threat in 2018 | The Economist
    7 Minutes 18 Seconds Count 169538 Date 12/06/17
    Like Count:1523

    Kim Jong Un welcomes South Korea's Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang
    2 Minutes 34 Seconds Count 90000 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:1081

    Kim Jong Un of North Korea, South Korean President Moon Jae-in plant tree
    1 Minutes 6 Seconds Count 30693 Date 04/27/18
    Like Count:192

    Kim Jong-un replaces North Korea’s top 3 military leaders
    2 Minutes 8 Seconds Count 9922 Date 06/04/18
    Like Count:69

    North Korea wants to denuclearize by end of Trump's first term, Seoul says
    1 Minutes 39 Seconds Count 5198 Date 09/06/18
    Like Count:69

    Michael Palin Arrives in North Korea
    2 Minutes 4 Seconds Count 2124 Date 09/11/18
    Like Count:27

    The three things North Korea wants - BBC News
    2 Minutes 49 Seconds Count 342957 Date 06/07/18
    Like Count:1826

    Why North Korea Agreed To Meet With Trump
    4 Minutes 24 Seconds Count 759737 Date 03/29/18
    Like Count:6258

    North Korea: Credible threat?
    24 Minutes 28 Seconds Count 910176 Date 12/22/16
    Like Count:3284

    Conan Stars In North Korea’s First Late Night Talk Show
    5 Minutes 45 Seconds Count 5152290 Date 04/09/16
    Like Count:82474

    North Korea / USA / Singapore - Three US detainees released from North Korea / Huge explosions as No
    1 Minutes 34 Seconds Count 188 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:0

    North Korea pledges to close down key missile test site
    1 Minutes 29 Seconds Count 373 Date 09/19/18
    Like Count:7

    S.Korea's Moon Jae-in in North Korea for summit
    1 Minutes 16 Seconds Count 7644 Date 09/17/18
    Like Count:50

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